System is SHIT

What you guys have in mind about the Emergency.

In other foreign there is help line for every kind of emergency is 911. If you don’t have the access to the Operational office near you, you can get help over the phone call.

In Pakistan probably talking about the “Lahore”.

Last Night 29th Mar, 2017 an emergency occur to me and due to Operational Office was near to me probably on few footsteps so I bother to visit it and asked for help in a regarding emergency and Wallah what they said to me you even can’t imagine.

Now we have a digital system and due to this your complaint can only be submitted in Morning as our colleague has left for home now his shift is completed.

Before that Manual paperwork was mendatory and still they are doing so. But if people need help from them they have many excuses to disturb us.

Anyhow I asked them to write it themselves and give me the respective document I need for my security.

Now what they said…

Look we are illetrat and don’t know how to use it, even we can’t switch on the PC.

System is wracked and our protectors are so rude and their behavior towards the nation is not bearable. They are getting paid from the taxes we pay to the Government they are appointed to help us and protect us from the thefts.

The whole discussion is about the Punjab Police Department.

I don’t have words to Thank the Government of Pakistan for providing us this Security and safety.


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